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The VISTA Grassroots Sports Academy  is dedicated to maximizing the potential of children and young people through a positive environment and enriching experiences. We offer all-inclusive sessions that cater to the learning and developmental needs of everyone involved.


At Grassroots Academy, we focus on developing technical and tactical fundamentals across a range of sports. Our expert coaches are passionate about teaching and nurturing young athletes in various disciplines, including football, futsal, basketball, netball, indoor cricket, and badminton.


Level: FUNdamental/ Foundation Phase 

Age group (s): 5-11 years old


YFC VISTA Grassroots Academy training programme is perfect introduction to youth football! 


Our aim is to  provide an environment where players regardless of ability can develop their passion for the game and enjoy the benefits and positive experiences from participating in youth football.


Grassroots Academy sessions are all-inclusive incorporating the learning and developmental needs of all within the group. It is our objective to assist players to become confident in their individual game and understanding of small group tactics. We guarantee progress through delivery of a broad curriculum of fun topics and delivery of innovative training sessions through 


Development of technical skills (Ball control, ball manipulation…) 


Game intelligence and decision making skills  (problem solving ,speed of play..)


Dealing with the mental challenges and demand of that arise in the game (maintaining a positive mindset, confidence to take risks, resilience..)


Learning to contribute to overall success of the team  (working with  and supporting others , making friends..)




Southwark Park, Hawkstone Rd, SE16

Sat (9:30am - 11am)






Hands up Boxing 


At Hands Up Boxing we strive to create a friendly, positive and focused environment for youth to develop skills that can translate to everyday life.

We provide classes that engage people and consist of various activities that improve social skills, confidence, technique and discipline. Our age groups start from 5 years old at Hands Up Boxing which enables us to help children get a head start in boxing from a younger age when compared to mainstream boxing clubs, this allows children to see and feel the great benefits of non contact boxing training.

Hands Up Boxing caters from the bottom up. We take on anyone, at any level and help each person achieve their own individual goals.


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