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Our programme provides target mentoring support and guidance to children and young people across a wide range of groups within targeted children , adolescent and education services.

At VISTA we believe sport and enrichment activities provides a platform to build and develop skills which transition into every day life.

The project is accessible to all young people (5-21*)  with particular emphasis and objective to meet the needs of marginalised and disadvantaged groups in society.


Special Educational Needs
Physical disabilities
Child/Adolescent obesity (at risk/diagnosed)

At Risk /Complex Behaviour (Exclusion from school/Offending /Gang activity/ Anger management)

Social Exclusion ( Low self -esteem /lack of self- confidence)

We have a diverse and dedicated pool of staff with multi agency background and experience across a variety of settings youth work , youth sports coaching , Social Services and Education.

Remove barriers to participating in sports , recreational activities and wider society 
Promoting health and wellbeing through active lifestyle and lifelong involvement in sports.

Enjoyment of positive and new experiences 

Build friendships and get involved local/wider community

Utilise the lessons/learning opportunities sports/positive experiences provide to develop transferable life skills
Recognition of achievements as they improve their skills and knowledge through programme activities 


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We work together with young person and their family to provide a programme tailored to the individual needs of yp/family focusing on maximising their potential through their existing strengths and supporting personal development needs that will help secure positive outcomes outlined at point of referral.

Project Coordinator

Shane Glasgow 07983 630 214 

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